Hi! I’m Andrea.

I’m a doctor of physical therapy, musician, lover of rescue animals and the natural world. For many years, I had no idea that a consistent movement habit could help me recover my enjoyment of life. Now I know! Movement is powerful medicine, and I love to help people benefit from it.

I earned my DPT at Northwestern University, and have taught yoga for more than 21 years. My study of human movement, physiology and motivation enables me to expertly help people remove barriers that prevent them from moving.

I studied and worked in hospitals, Mayan villages and sports-focused outpatient clinics. Through working with so many people who were miserably ill and immobile, I came to understand how essential it is to use movement as preventative medicine. I believe, and research supports, that everyone can live a healthier, happier, more resilient life when we move on a regular basis.

I created Vital Body Wellness because we need a playful community, well-informed guidance, and science-based education to use movement as medicine. Our culture supports a lifestyle of cars, screens, fast food, and desk chairs. Living that way makes us sick, but it seems really normal. We’re social animals. The pull of cultural norms is powerful and pervasive. I need the community of Vital Body Wellness, and through it I get to use my education and life experience to help people delight in the benefits of moving. 

I’m a professional musician and teacher as well. I studied theater and vocal performance at Interlochen Arts Academy, earned a BA in composition at Columbia College, received the Three Arts Excellence in the Arts grant, and was chosen to attend Ragdale’s artist retreat. 

My bands, Congress of Starlings, Little Queens (Heart tribute), and Every Shiny Thing (Joni Mitchell tribute) have played festivals and stages all over the US. I write music, including compositions for award winning documentaries like Brink of Survival, 22 shots and Monty and Rose. For over 20 years, I have taught and worked in the unique community at The Old Town School of Folk Music.

It’s important to me to uplift women and the LGBTQ community. I produce Covers for Cover, an annual fundraiser where women rock out to help women. In 2020, we raised $35,000 for the Dreamcatcher foundation. These funds helped them open a safe drop in center for survivors of sex trafficking in Chicago.

I live with my beloved pets; shelter cats Vilanelle and Galen and rescue tortoise Dale Weatherwax. My house is constant cute!

I integrate all of my skills, education and life experience to help Vital Body Wellness members comprehend how amazing our very real bodies are. Together we can do so much and feel so good. Welcome to the Vital Body Wellness community!