Private Coaching

Why Private Coaching?


Dr. Bunch’s expertise is focused just on you and your specific needs.  Learn how to move well, and improve the way you talk to yourself about your body.


Are you unsure if group classes or other activities are safe for you? Private coaching will teach you skills that increase your safety when you move in a class or out in the world. You’ll practice the exercises that are right for you, and get individual feedback that improves your form and protects your body.


Are there parts of your body’s history that you want to share discreetly? Your sessions are completely private. Your body’s story is respected. It’s the foundation on which we build.


We have a lot of fun in private coaching. We use music, science and humor. My folks often surprise themselves with how much they can move. They take delight in the changes that occur in their bodies and minds.

How Private Coaching Works

You and Andrea will meet once a week on Zoom.

Private coaching packages are for 6 sessions. Each is about 55 minutes long.

The cost is $720.

To request or ask questions about private coaching please send us a message.

You’ll receive an email reply from

Andrea will schedule your times, answer your questions and learn what you’d like to focus on in your sessions.

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